Thursday, December 28, 2006

New Ticker for the New Year.

{admires shiny new ticker}
I asked Alaskaboy to pick my 2007 ticker. He selected the choo choo on the track. He's quite proud of me and chose it, "because you're steaming along towards your goal weight,"

Isn't he sweet? {all melty}

4 Nibbles:

c2s Hayley said...

I think I need to send my hubby to Alaskaboy for sensitivity training! LOL!

Good on you for Years results, here's to a FANTASTIC NEW YEAR!!

Alphamare said...

Well done! keep steaming ahead and all the best for 2007!

Kada said...

LOL Oh he has his moments of insensitivity too, don't worry about that, Hayles. I bet your hubby is sweet and sensitive in ways too. ;)

Thank you, I hope so! here's to a great year for us all!

Kada said...

Thanks, Alphamare! Same to you. :)