Saturday, December 16, 2006


I didn't think I'd gotten that comfy with the step aerobics!

Looking back through my blog, I see it had been over a month since I'd gone from flat on the floor to the one and a half inch high plank of wood. Plenty of time to get all cozy.

Alaskaboy's comment from the other week now makes perfect sense. "I was tired from doing the workout, not because I'd actually worked hard." Or something along those lines, can't quit remember the exact wording. He'd gone up a dumbbell for the strength training workout and was explaining how his muscles felt that same pleasant ache from when he'd last increased the weight. I now comprehend. Intellectually I knew what he meant the moment he said it, it took a bit for my body to understand as well.

Up until now I've been that unfit that any progress has been an achievement in and of itself. Going from OHGODIWANNADIE to KillMeNOW to LookeeICanTalkANDExerciseAtTheSameTime was exhilarating, but I had no benchmark to gauge my success. Everything was an improvement on before.

This week I went up another one and a half inches out of curiosity, and if I'm to be completely honest, anger that the scales weren't moving. Right from that very first session, where I was forced once more to modify the workout, I realised just how easy it had been the last few times I'd done it. Yes, I had sweated because I was indeed exercising, but it was more my legs and muscles that were getting a workout because of the stepping up and down. My cardiovascular system was bored nigh unto tears! I'd gone from not only talking and exercising at the same time to blabbing a mile a minute. All of a sudden I was back at having to concentrate on breathing and where I was placing my feet. Yes, I could still talk occasionally, but it was much more of an effort. At one point I was starting to get too winded, so I modified even more.

The next session was a little easier, as I'm sure each successive one will be after that. However, I now know the signs to look for that my workout has become too easy. The signs that it was too hard I'd been accustomed to, I now have the experience to be able to look forward to going up another level. This has made a huge change in my outlook about exercise. I no longer believe I'm a hopeless case. I might actually be able to become a fit and healthy person. I'm an inch away from being able to use a “real” step, one of those you-beaut plastic jobbies that you see in every aerobics class. Six months ago I thought I'd never get there, that I was destined to stay fat and unfit for life. Na-uh, I'm inching my way forward to a healthy lifestyle.

Last month I hadn't been ready for an increase in the amount of my workouts, I just made myself exhausted by overexercising. This month I am ready, and it shows. I'm exercising less, but at a higher intensity. Not too high though, I value my health and learned from the strained groin last year. Slow and steady she goes with the modifications until I can once more do the whole workout. Then it'll be back to modifying when I go up another level, or switch to a more advanced workout. I guess this also helps to keep me from getting bored. And a bored Kada equals a less likely to exercise Kada.

Another indicator that I'd been herbin' along on cruise control with the cardio? I lost two and a half pounds this week.

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