Saturday, December 23, 2006

Goals, Glorious Goals.

My 2006 goals were as follows:

1) Be healthier than I am now. - Check.
2) Be as fit as possible. - Check.

3) Be on or under 165lbs/75kgs - Fail. I am happy with my weightloss for this year.
4) Have a short story and/or novel accepted for publication. - Fail. But I did sumbit more. :)
5) Finish current WIP and start the next. -Check.
6) Save as much money as possible. IE be more frugal with spending money. - Check.

So, all in all a good year for me.

Funny how the focus has changed for next year. Not so much focused on a specific number on the scale any more. My weight goals really are just added on as an afterthought. ;)

2007 Goals Are:

1) Fit comfortably into the clothing I was wearing on my first trip to America by end of the year. (will get actual sizes later)
2) Wear a sexy dress for our wedding anniversary.
3) Fit comfortably into special blue outfit.

1) Continue with Intuitive Eating.
2) Buy takeaway/eating out less. (only for saving money aspect)
3) Cook three new kinds of cuisine I've never tried before.
4) Actually go on more picnics this year with Alaskaboy, instead of just planning to.

1) Completely revise Serenade and send it out into the world
2) Complete first draft of Prelude.
3) Submit at least five short stories
4) Research agents and send query letters.
5) Do at least one interview for a part time job.

Strength Training
Susan Powter's Building Strength:
1) Squats = 20 lbs. Biceps = 12 lbs. Quads, Glutes, Hammies, Traps, Triceps, Pecs = 8 lbs. Delts = 5 lbs.
(Ended 2006 @ Squats and Biceps = 5 lbs. Quads, Glutes, Hammies, Traps, Triceps = 3 lbs. Delts (military press and upright row) = 1/2 lb. Pecs = 2.5 lbs.)
2) Make more progress on my "Sits Up And Takes Notice" challenge.
Cathe Friedrich's Body Fusion Add Ons:
1) Complete Upper Body Workout with no modifications
2) Complete Lower Body Workout with no modifications
Cathe Friedrich's Muscle Max:
1) Be able to get through some of it with modifications.
1) Move from on the knee (feet up) push ups to plank push ups

1) Do the three single-legged triathlons with G and P.
2) Be able to complete a three-legged one by myself over three consecutive days.

Step Aerobics
1) Be using a 6" step.
2) Be able to do full Body Fusion workout.
3) Able to get through Cathe Friedrich's Low Max, modifying movements and/or step when necessary.

Weight (I know I shouldn't have a weight goal, but I like watching the tickers move! lol)
In the later half of 2006 I lost 18lbs / 8.2 kgs. So I think I'll go for a little more than double that for a nice even 40lbs (or 18.2 kgs.)
1) Start Weight 220lbs / 100kgs. Goal is 180 lbs / 81.8 kgs.

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Airsoft Man said...
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Kada said...

My first spam. Awwww.

You are the weakest link. buhbye.

Wanna_B_slim said... are totally organised for 2007 arent you...
damn I havent even thought that far ahead...just get Christmas out of the blasted way first for me!!! Argh!!!!
Today we are going to my mothers for our traditional Christmas lunch...yeah early..but lots of travelling to be done for my children with thier father Xmas day...So we decided to slit the trad stuff and do it early...

Kada said...

LOL That's a first! I'm usually thinking about how much I sucked this year and dreading the stating of next years goals.

Christmas was a little easier for us this year since it's our first year at home since being married. No frantic trying to stuff the presents in the suitcases some how and packing when Alaskaboy's finished work then off interstate or overseas. Was nice to just chill out for a change. Gotta come up with our own traditions now though. lol

yeah, once my extended family grew up nad started having kids and in-laws of their own we switched the big family gathering to Boxing Day so that they could do whatever on Christmas Day or Eve.

What ya planning on having for lunch?

kathrynoh said...

Have a great Christmas and good with your goals for next year.

Ails said...

I have to say, you really have achieved so much in 2006 - lots to be proud of!

Thanks for stopping by my blog this year - your support is very much appreciated, I am just sorry it has taken me until now to drop by!

I hope that you and yours are having yourself a fantastic Christmas today!

Looking forward to following your progress!

Ails :)

Kada said...

Indeed, Kathryn, we had a fab Chrissy... despite the chicken not being defrosted in time to cook it for dinner. LOL

Hope you and yours had a good one too!

Got any goals for next year?

Kada said...

Ails, it doesn't seem like I've achieved all that much, honestly. I look at other's accomplishments for the year and they've done so much better than me!

Lovely to see you. I'm not surprised you didn't get here til now, you've been one busy chick! Love the photos on your blog by the way.

Oh, you know I'll keep yas updated, especially since Alaskaboy and I planning on being in Melbourne for next Christmas. :D Can't wait to see how we're all doing this time next year.