Saturday, December 02, 2006

Fabulous Fifty Update.

Here's where I stand at the halfway point of my Fabulous Fifty Feats Challenge

Start Weight: 100.9 kgs or 222 lbs

Current Weight: Dunno, not weighing yet.

Start Size: 18W (20 AUS)
Current Size: 17W (19 AUS) Well, I would be if they made such sizes. 18w's are looser, 16w's don't quite fit.

Start Pushups: 10
Current Pushups: 15

Pecs Start : 1 lbs
Pecs Current: 2 lbs

Rhomboids and trapezius Start: 0 lbs
Rhomboids and trapezius Current: 0 lbs

Biceps Start: 3 lbs
Biceps Current: 4 lbs

Squats Start: 3 lbs
Squats Current: 3 lbs

Other Upper Start: 2 lbs
Other Upper Current: 2.5 lbs

Walk Start: 2 miles with the occasional 3
Walk Current: Mostly 3, still no 4's.

Must admit I'm pleased with most of this progress, a bit worried about the push ups though! Rhoms and traps I'm now regularly doing the full number of reps for each set, so there has been improvement even though there's been no weight added yet.

2 Nibbles:

Marshmallow said...

Wow! What awesome progress you've made! And before you know it, you'll find yourslef adding weight to those rhombs and traps reps! WoooOOO! Rock on!

Kada said...

Thanks, Raina! I'm gonna be so proud when I add weight to the rhombs and traps. I feel like such a wussy wuss. (I know I'm not, but I can't shake the feeling. LOL)