Monday, December 11, 2006

Operation Kilo Kick.

Start Point: 101.1 kgs (222.5 lbs)
Aim: 99.9 kgs (219.8 lbs)
Plan: Raise step height to increase likelihood of cardio workout being slightly beyond comfort zone.

Stage One Report.

21:48:00 Commenced warm up stretches.
21:52:59 completed stretching
21:53:00 Commenced step aerobics, full steam ahead on 3" high plank.
22:05:00 Ran out of steam.
22:06:00 Commenced modifications, but stayed with 3" plank.
22:23:00 completed step aerobics
22:23:01 commenced cool down stretches.
22:28:00 Successful completion of stage one.
22:29-22:40 drank copious amounts of water, pondered dinner, debriefed.

Well, let's hope Operation Kick That Kilo To The Kerb is successful. I WILL be below 100kgs by the end of this year, and through healthy means!

2 Nibbles:

c2s Hayley said...

Go girl!

Kada said...

I'm goin'! I actually feel thinner today.

Weird huh?