Saturday, December 16, 2006

Colour me pink.

Unfortunately, my morning beverage tricked me today. The large cup of strong cup tea allowed me to think that I had less of an appetite than I actually did. Breakfast was finished before 10am, and I didn't have lunch till after half past three! I must also admit I was busy on the computer and didn't pay attention to the first coouple of hunger rumblings.

Ate a very satisfying lunch, but then was still feeling the low blood sugar half an hour later, so in went several of Alaskaboy's home made treats. (Only three, a date ball, one cream cheese wreath and a small piece of cashew brittle. It was all I felt like!) A good 3/4's of hour after that I was still woozy and nauseated, so down went a cup of gatorade. Took about another hour after that for things to settle down. I think it also helped that I drank about a litre of water in that time. Did I mention that I hadn't had any water except for one large glass upon waking?
It definitely helped that I'd gotten up, put on a fleecy sleeveless vest and moved around doing chores and such. I was freezing! (extreme hunger does that to me though.)

Can anyone say, "Bad, Kada. BAD!" I think I did just about everything wrong today except for overexercising!

Feeling depleted tonight, and sore from compounding the ache of swimming by sitting hunched over at the computer, I decided to go with some easy yoga for my workout. I also think I'll be having a warm bath and going to bed early tonight. Mmm bed!

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