Thursday, December 21, 2006

Another Update for Fab 50.

Do have a question about Squats: The weight I have written, I actually hold that amount in each hand. So, does that mean I should actually have double that weight listed? ie three in each hand equals six in total.
Just thought of that this morning and wasn't sure. Other weights, you're using each muscle with an individual weight... but the bum you use both sides at once.

Start Weight: 100.9 kgs or 222 lbs

Current Weight: 100 kgs or 220 lbs

Start Size: 18W (22 AUS)
Current Size: 16W (20 AUS) (got the size conversion right this time. LOL)

Start Pushups: 10
Current Pushups: 20

Pecs Start : 1 lbs
Pecs Current: 2 lbs

Rhomboids and trapezius Start: 0 lbs
Rhomboids and trapezius Current: 1/2 lbs

Biceps Start: 3 lbs
Biceps Current: 5 lbs

Squats Start: 3 lbs
Squats Current: 5 lbs

Other Upper Start: 2 lbs
Other Upper Current: 3 lbs

Walk Start: 2 miles with the occasional 3
Walk Current: Mostly 3, with a 4 planned for this week. (have improved time on 3's though.)

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