Thursday, November 23, 2006

Well, wouldja lookit tha'!

Weight: 225lbs, 102.3kgs
Body fat: 48%
BMI: 39.7.

(The above data is taken from my last weigh in the other day)

All measurements are in centimetres.

Upper Chest: 100.0
Bustline: 120.5
Upper Right Arm: 45.4
Midriff: 97.0
Waistline: 105.9
Upper Hips: 133.0
Hips/Buttocks: 136.1
Right Thigh: 71.5
Left Thigh: 71.2
Right Calf: 44.3
Left Calf: 42.1

TOTAL: 967 cms
Loss of 5.2 cms / 2.1 inches

Grand Total: 15.4 cms / 6.1 inches.

The delight I'm feeling at this month's measurements is even greater than that of the month's before. Sure, it's only half as much of a loss, but that's not the issue.

Last month I hadn't even begun PMS, this time, I'm smack dab in the middle. I'm so bloated that the divot doesn't bounce right back from any pressure on my skin. (I'd written a great line about dead bodies but I figured it might be too much for some people's stomaches. LOL)

I'm very eager for my next measurement installment. I reckon it'll be a good one.

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c2s Hayley said...


kathrynoh said...

Woohoo... doing well :)

Marshmallow said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Congrats on the shrinkage, and at fully bloated too! You're doing so well, that you're just disappearing :-D

Kada said...

Thanks, Girlies. :)

Am definitely looking forward ot next month's measurements.