Friday, December 01, 2006

Still tired, but . . .

. . .I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it!



Ok, now I'm really excited for next month's measurements. Will try to ensure I take them when I'm not pmsing too!

Actually, I'm kinda worried whether I'm going to get any wear out of these shorts other than the progress shots. I think by the time it's warm enough to wear them comfortably they'll be too big!

That is such a delicious thought!

P.S. I'm saving the skirt to try on at the end of the 12 week challenge. And if it still doesn't fit, then Christmas Morning is the next try on date. {keeping fingers, toes, legs, arms and eyes crossed.}

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Marshmallow said...

WOooOOOooOOoOoOo!!! BIG Congrats Kada! You're rawking along, and I'm with you in that by the time it gets warm enough to wear those shorts, you'll be able to use them as a tent! ;-)

You've done SO awesome! I salute j00! *salutes*

Kada said...

Thank you, Raina! Yeah, definitely tentage I think by next year. Oh well, could always sell it on ebay or something. Or donate them, "Kada's progress shorts, so progressive, she never wore 'em!"

I must admit I'm feeling a little proud. Proud, but also slightly surprised. I mean, I knew I was slightly bloated ten days ago.. and continued bloating for the last week. But, I didn't realise how much until I peed my brains out this last 24 hours and then caught sight of my upper belly in the mirror after yet another pee. I did the classic double take and said out loud "That can't be right!" I poked and prodded and looked from every angle, yelled "Holy shit!" and ran out to show Alaskaboy. I also discovered a hip bone in the shower today whilst washing. First time in a loooooooong time!
only tried those shorts on a whim. I figured the button might have been close to touching, but doing up? no fuckin' way! LOL

Do you have progress clothes too? Or are the scales nad measurements you're only way of testing progress?