Friday, November 03, 2006

Stay on Target, Stay on Target!

Well, with still four weeks to go in November I'm at 222lbs. :D

I am SO going to kick 220's arse all over town and to hell and gone this month! Woooo Hooo!

ANd you'll never guess what? A friend challenged me to do 15 minutes of strength training yesterday, since I was feeling a little better with the cold. And I did it and Lo I say unto the people, it was good.

SO good I had to ring my husband and brag to him about it. LOL I did a Cathe Friedrich lowerbody workout that I've never attempted before (modifying left right and centre and skipping to the next exercise when I was tired, but hey.. that's what you do when you're not up to their level yet!) and then, since that wasn't quite the 15 minutes I did some sit ups.. and then the twist on teh challenge. She wanted me to do an exercise I hadn't done before, but we compromised on one I hadn't done in at least 5 years. Push ups.

Not a push up, push UPS!

And you know what? I did girly pushups (knees and feet on the ground) because I know there's no way my body (especially my lower abs/groin) would cope with knees on ground feet in air, let alone proper plank style.

I did one.

Hmm.. not too bad, let's keep going. (thinks I)

5 .. still got more in me.

ok. ten's a good place to stop.

I rested a bit, and then did 5 more.

15 pushups when I thought I'd struggle to do one!

Thank you SO much G! I probably wouldn't have attempted them for months yet, if she hadn't have challenged me. Although, it'll probably be at least another week before I try them again. Am a bit sore now. LOL

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