Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sometimes good intentions just ain't enough.

BAH! I'd had my workout all planned, I even wrote it in my exercise journal so that I had to do it. Then a friend called and needed to talk . . . for three hours. There weren't my carefully constructed schedule. And,when I say needed, I mean he really needed to talk, and I haven't spoken to him for several months so it was lovely to catch up too. By the time I got off the phone it was nearly midnight. Aiyeee! So a short easy workout it was before I fell asleep standing up. How easy? I just repeated the warm up three times. LOL

Week One - Check. (320 minutes.)
Week Two - Check. (405 minutes.)
Week Three - Check. (397 minutes.)
Week Four - Check. (360 minutes)
Week Five - Check. (445 minutes)
Week Six - Check - (508 minutes.)
Day Forty Three - Check. (40 minutes yoga. 40 minutes walk. 2 miles)
Day Forty Four - Check. (20 minutes yoga. 50 minutes strength training)
Day Forty Five - Check. (50 minutes aerobics. 40 minutes yoga. 5 mins ab work.)
Day Forty Six - Check. (20 minutes aerobics. 20 minutes yoga)
Day Forty Seven - Check. (40 minutes cross-train aerobics. 90 minutes walk 4 miles. 5 minutes ab work)

But... I got up this morning
and did the workout today! HAH!

In one way it probably was for the best, I feel refreshed again after the shorter workout. I'm gonna do a similar thing again tomorrow I think: nice, short and easy.

I'm definitely on target for my 2000 mins total this month, even a little ahead, so it'll be nice to ease up a little in the last couple of weeks instead of being frantic about whether I'm gonna make it or not.

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c2s Hayley said...

Wanted to say Hi and thx for the comments.

Being the Tim Tam Pimp that you are you have surely heard of the Tim Tam Explosion? One of my personal favourites, although haven't done one for years...

mMMMMM, Tim Tams....

I'm loving what you're writing, now i'd better stop writing and get into yr archives. What fun!

Kada said...

Hope I wasn't too pushy? Feels kinda weird, "Saw your light on, thought I'd drop by for a cuppa and a bit of a chat. Oh, don't mind the fact you don't know me, she'll be right!"

LOL I know it as the TimTam Slam. My husband is better at it than I am, I end up with it all over my face on in me cleavage. lol

Would you believe my husband also loves Vegemite? :D Lucky duck aren't I.

{blush} Glad you like it. Hope the archives are fun too! I'll be gettin' in to yours soonish! So many neat archives of new blogs to read, so little time! arrgh.

I think I'm gonna reward myself for every 5 chapters revised with a trip to read archives. Sound like a plan to you? lol