Friday, November 10, 2006

She's super streaky

Week One - Check. (320 minutes.)
Week Two - Check. (405 minutes.)
Week Three - Check. (397 minutes.)
Week Four - Check. (360 minutes)
Week Five - Check. (445 minutes)
Week Six - Check - (508 minutes.)
Day Forty Three - Check. (40 minutes yoga. 40 minutes walk. 2 miles)
Day Forty Four - Check. (20 minutes yoga. 50 minutes strength training)
Day Forty Five - Check. (50 minutes aerobics. 40 minutes yoga. 5 mins ab work.)

Last night I HAD no energy. That was why I went with strength training. I can just turn my brain off and follow along, 10 repetitions at a time. I also worked with lower weights than usual. I wanted some toning, but I didn't have the energy to do a hard workout. Same with the yoga, just flowed through that, was lovely relaxation.

Whew! Tonight, I got all fired up by a post on one of the blogs I read. (Thanks, Glam!) Now I'm starverated and feeling a bit wobbly. Methinks I'm gonna go make some dinner and then have a nice hot bath!

The aerobics I did was Lean, Strong and Healthy by Susan Powter. Hmm, it seems the reasons I never used to be able to get through it were not only because I wasn't fit enough, but because it so BORING! Even with a good cd on. I like her Burn Fat and Get Fit one, but this? UGH! I won't be using that ever again. Perhaps I should give it to goodwill.

Enough, if I don't go eat, I'm gonna gnaw my arm off.

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kathrynoh said...

Nice going :)

Definitely invest in a more entertaining dvd! I had one of the Fit to Strip dvds and Carmen Electra's voice - it's like fingernails on a blackboard. Had to give that away.

Glam said...

Glad I could be of service! Congrats on the kick-ass workout! Sounds intense. I know what you mean about Susan Powter. Ouch. I have a few I've suffered through. Embarrassingly enough, the one workout dvd that I still love after all of these years is MTV: the Grind workout with Eric from Real World New York as the host. *cringe* Oh, and Richard Simmons will always kick ass! *Diva, snap!*

Kada said...

Thanks, Kathryn.

I'm enjoying the Cathe Friedrich Body Fusion tape. We had to downgrade to that after our first attempt at her videos. We bought a beginner/intermediate one thinking we'd be good to go. Nuh-uh. We were in hysterics on the floor trying to keep up with all these fancy footwork combinations. Poor Alaskaboy, he still hasn't been able to use his birthday present properly. But, we're working on it!

{shudder} I bet no matter how you jazzed it up, every time you tried to use those newfound stripping abilities you'd have her voice in your head. So not the sexy!

Got any other fun recommendations?

Kada said...

Richard Simmons! Oh god, I can't do his workouts, he just cracks me up completely!

The workout was intense, intensely boring! ;) But seriously, the 30 minute video I have of Cathe Friedrich's, that kicks my arse harder than this one did. Although I do remember when I had to modify everything for the LS&H. Woohoo.

Made the mistake of buying her recent yoga video. She's doing it in a winnebago. Cute idea, but you can't see the moves worth shit. Another one we'll be giving away asap.

I'll have to ask hubby about that Eric guy, he was probably before my time here in America. Some stuff we do get in Aus, but not everything. Or, I can check out my good friend IMDB. lol

Don't worry, it's not as embarrassing as dancing the chicken dance, the timewarp, the nutbush, and the hoky poky . . . on repeat for about an hour as a workout when bored of the all of two tapes I used to have. HAHAH

Wanna_B_slim said...

Hey whats wrong with doin the chicken dance for exercise..rofl...
you crack me up...
I havent got any exercise dvd's...
Dont even think I have any old VIDEO'S..omg do you now what they are... haha...
I just ride my bike at the moment or walk.. but sure need to work a few more muscles.. so hoping to get some hints as to what dvd would be worthwhile getting...Any advice for a beginner with a small loungeroom would be cool...

Kada said...

GLam, is this the guy?
if so, I can see why you're happy to watch it over nad over again. {waggles eyebrows}

Kada said...

Hi WannaB!

Hmm.. I've heard good things about Walk Away The Pounds by Leslie Sansone for small loungeroom space, and yes she has just a very small flat. I've tried it a few times, and do enjoy it for the days the weather is too inclement to go outside. I just couldn't do it regularly. I find it kind boring. BUt, others do swear by it. One friend lost over 100 lbs using them.

The tape I started on and still like is Burn Fat and Get fit by Susan Powter. What I like about it is it's simple aerobics, in three minute blocks, with one minute intervals of basic strength training. And once you learn the routine you can whack a cd on nad go for broke. :) It's a good beginners one. She explains how to modify things, not many tapes do that.

Umm.. am half asleep, so I'll get back to you with some more. I'm sure others would love to give you more advice. Maybe do a post about it on your blog? Get more of a response that way. ;)