Tuesday, November 14, 2006

7 down, 5 to go -- and still 22 remaining!

Five weeks left till Christmas and I have to lose 22 lbs, that ten kilos, if I want to have a good time whilst in Nebraska.

Yeah, you think 29lbs in 12 weeks was pretty ambitious of me, especially since my weight never has just dropped off?

Considering that my friend hasn't lost any yet, I'm not doing too bad. ;) (She lost some and put it back on for various reasons, among them being her parents and two aunts visiting for the last three weeks and having feasts nearly every other night. They even had an early thanksgiving this weekend, since they depart this week!)

I think we'll play it by ear. I'm reasonably sure that if both of us have lost half the amount we said we would, then it'll be a goer. That'll be 15 lbs in 12 weeks, damn good effort in anyone's books.

Shit, even if I break 220lbs, for me that's reason enough to celebrate!

AND after exercising for 12 weeks straight, I'll be OWED a good time dammit. lol

It always was more about the motivation anyway. We figured the writing motivation worked so well, why not try it for losing weight? But words on a page are easier to get out than weight from the body. Every day you can turn up and put out ten, twenty, a hundred, or a couple thousand words and be closer to your goal. The weight comes off when it's good and ready, no matter how much you exercise or eat well.

So, we shall see. I'm just curious as to what my weight will be by the end of the year. :)

My next goal will definitely be to ensure I exercise most days while away too. No going two weeks without and coming back with my hard work all undone!

Week One - Check. (320 minutes.)
Week Two - Check. (405 minutes.)
Week Three - Check. (397 minutes.)
Week Four - Check. (360 minutes)
Week Five - Check. (445 minutes)
Week Six - Check - (508 minutes.)
Day Forty Three - Check. (40 minutes yoga. 40 minutes walk. 2 miles)
Day Forty Four - Check. (20 minutes yoga. 50 minutes strength training)
Day Forty Five - Check. (50 minutes aerobics. 40 minutes yoga. 5 mins ab work.)
Day Forty Six - Check. (20 minutes aerobics. 20 minutes yoga)
Day Forty Seven - Check. (40 minutes cross-train aerobics. 90 minutes walk 4 miles. 5 minutes ab work)
Day Forty Eight - Check. (30 minutes aerobics. 10 minutes stretching.)
Day Forty Nine - Check. (1 hour and 5 minutes walk. 20 minutes yoga.)

This morning I really had no idea what to do, so I just went for a walk. Yesterday's step aerobics was actually done with the plank that I have. I am SORE today. Would really love a hot spa bath actually. Melt all the tension out of the muscles. Also, would liked to have gone for a swim, but it would have been a bit much for the muscles methinks.

I think I might have to go bike-riding on the weekend or something a little different. Getting a bit bored with the same 5 exercises now. Or at least go for a walk in a different location.

And speaking of writing? Won't be online much this week, just to post the essentials like streak and weigh-in updates (and probably some reading of your blogs and cheering you guys on, to relax in the evening.) I gotta put some work in if I'm gonna get my revising and writing goals for this month too. It's all well and good to be exercising and getting healthy, but I DO need to find a balance where I'm working and exercising as well. Else I've just swapped one obsession, over-eating, for another, over-exercising.

After all a balanced life is a healthy life.

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kathrynoh said...

Good luck with your Christmas goal.

I dunno about writing being easier than losing weight. Writing maybe but editing and revising, that's a whole other ball game!

Kada said...

Yeha, you're right. The writing is the "easy" part. Revising is a bitch.

Thanks! Five weeks to go, here's hoping there's as much improvement as there has been in the past five. :)