Friday, October 06, 2006

Who said healthy food had to be boring?

Doesn't that look tasty?

It was. LOL

I'd had a huge craving for shiso leaves this week, so when I was at the japanese supermarket last night, I got some. I didn't want it with sushi as I'd normally have it, so I figured it's gotta be good with a seafood omelette, right?

I'd intended to finely slice some kimchee to put on top of the rice, but someone had forgotten to put it in the fridge. . . Buggah! Oh well, the furikake was delicious with it, and perhaps the kimchee might have overwhelmed the other flavours. Who knows! Will just have to eat it with kimchee another day. Can you tell I'm suffering at the thought of that? LOL
Will probably make it again this weekend so Hubby can try it.

If anyone's interested in the recipe, or more info on shiso, lemme know!

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