Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Two Weeks' Notice.

If you hadda told me 3 weekends ago to listen up and take note because you had a secret to tell me. And that the secret you so whisperingly divulged was that I would be about to embark on two weeks of doing exericse every day. I woulda laughed in your face and called you a liar!

Yet here I am, having successfully completed that very thing.

Day One - Check. (35 minutes cross-train aerobics. 5 mins yoga.)
Day Two - Check. (40 minutes cross-train aerobics.)
Day Three - Check. (1 hr and 10 minutes walk. 3 miles.)
Day Four - Check. (40 minutes walk, 2 miles. 20 minutes cross-train aerobics.)
Day Five - Check. (40 minutes walk. Not sure of the distance as it was somewhere different than usual.)

5 days: Special Bath (aka candles, oils, book, drink of choice)

Day Six - Check. (50 minutes strength training.)
Day Seven. - Check. (40 minute walk. 1 3/4 miles.)
Day Eight - Check. (40 minutes cross-train aerobics. 5 minutes stretching.
Day Nine - Check. (1 hour and 5 minutes walk. 2 1/3 miles. 20 minutes Yoga.)
Day Ten - Check. (40 minutes Yoga.)

10 days: Lunch at my favourite sushi takeaway

Day Eleven - Check. (20 minutes A.M yoga. 20 minutes P.M. yoga.)
Day Twelve - Check. (50 minutes strength training. 40 minute walk.)
Day Thirteen - Check. (20 minutes aerobics. 40 minute walk.)
Day Fourteen - Check. (45 minutes walk. 2 miles.)

I felt like I was walking faster today, but my times attest that it wasn't actually fast. I wonder if that was the cold air making my legs feel crampy as I was going along? Next walk I'll try wearing long pants and see what that does for me.

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