Saturday, October 07, 2006


Day One - Check. (35 minutes cross-train aerobics. 5 mins yoga.)
Day Two - Check. (40 minutes cross-train aerobics.)
Day Three - Check. (1 hr and 10 minutes walk. 3 miles.)
Day Four - Check. (40 minutes walk, 2 miles. 20 minutes cross-train aerobics.)
Day Five - Check. (40 minutes walk. Not sure of the distance as it was somewhere different than usual.)

5 days: Special Bath (aka candles, oils, book, drink of choice)

Day Six - Check. (50 minutes strength training.)
Day Seven. - Check. (40 minute walk. 1 3/4 miles.)
Day Eight - Check. (40 minutes cross-train aerobics. 5 minutes stretching.
Day Nine - Check. (1 hour and 5 minutes walk. 2 1/3 miles. 20 minutes Yoga.)
Day Ten - Check. (40 minutes Yoga.)

10 days: Lunch at my favourite sushi takeaway

Day Eleven - Check. (20 minutes A.M yoga. 20 minutes P.M. yoga.)

Enjoyed the yoga so much yesterday that I did some more today. A different dvd, but still just as good. My body really appreciated the two days of flexibility sessions after so many strenuous workout days in a row.

This is something I also have to remember to keep doing. So many times in the past I completely neglected the flexibility/relaxation part of having a healthy body. I remember even as a gymnast I'd get bored or frustrated with the stretching because I wanted to be running and tumbling and building my muscles. As a swimmer and softball player I'd invariably wind up bored with the flexibility conditioning. I was too bendy to be dealing with the stretches mere mortals have to be content with.

Now? I need to modify stretches and yoga poses. Not just because I'm less flexible, but because I have girth that interferes with my ability to bend and flex like I know I should be able to. It's very frustrating at times. But, keep working at it and soon I'll be able to twist myself any which way I choose. With the onset of autumn and then winter leading me to be less inclined to shave various bits, I may well end up having more than a passing resemblance to those pipe cleaners we used to play with in art class in primary school. But, you know, with much better cleavage.

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