Friday, October 20, 2006

Exercise = Good. Food = Bad.

Week One - Check. (320 minutes.)
Week Two - Check. (405 minutes.)
Day Fifteen - Check. (40 minutes cross-train aerobics.)
Day Sixteen - Check. (50 minutes strength training.)
Day Seventeen - Check. (1 hour and 5 minute walk. 3 miles. 7 minutes stretching and cool down walk.)
Day Eighteen - Check. (30 minutes step aerobics. 2 minutes sit ups. 15 minutes stretching.)
Day Nineteen - Check. (20 minutes low impact aerobics. 1 hour walk. 2.5 miles)
Day Twenty - Check. (20 minute walk. 1 mile. 50 minutes strength training.)
Day Twenty One - Check. (40 minutes aerobics)
Day Twenty Two - Check. (40 minutes walk. Up and down hills. not sure of the distance.)
Day Twenty Three - Check. (40 minutes yoga, stretching, meditation.)

Saturday, ate reasonably healthy knowing we'd be going out on Sunday, and on Tuesday. But since Saturday I haven't eaten one healthy meal! I've gorged non-stop.

I don't know if it was brought on by my fear of succeeding so well at this lately, my 30th birthday being this week (and being apart from most of my family and friends) or just plain old depression, but whatever the cause, oh boy did I binge. Lunch on Sunday was at a brewery restaurant and I admit I did do well there, stopped when I was full, even left half my beer and burger behind, and didn't eat dinner because I was still too full.
Monday? I gorged on pickles and cream cheese sandwiches, a whole packet and a half of Stacey's baked pita chips and we're not talking the small packet here. Salami pasta, cheese cheese and more cheese. Tuesday I was at hubby's work, and I guess I didn't do too badly, but every meal was catered. oh boy. And I did eat some three snack packs of Cheeto's and a snack pack/yogo chocolate thing that I didn't really want.
Yesterday, don't really remember what I had for the early part of the day... no wait, I do remember the rest of the pita chips, and about 6 each miniature milkyway midnights and snickers, but then dinner rolled around and I ate half an extra large pizza with the works (I did substitute out the sausage and olives for pineapple and extra mushrooms, so it wasn't AS fatty... but still!)
Today so far? The rest of the pizza. Even after putting it in the freezer before bed last night! I just pulled it out and bunged it in the oven to re-heat.


Hopefully, since I've gone with the binge, it'll be done with now. Oh and haagen dazs ice cream yesterday. But that was so rich that I could only manage a bit over half a cup. Phew!

I'm not gonna exercise like a mad thing trying to get rid of the excess cals. The binge has happened, now I just need to pick myself back up and keep going. I was SO close to failing the streak comp last night. But about midnight I thought fuck it! At least I can do yoga and stretching, it's not that strenuous and hopefully it'll help me digest the massive amount of in my stomach, plus ease the soreness in my legs from the hill walking the day before.
It did.

But oh god the discomfort when I went to bed. Just to think, I used to go to bed every night feeling like that! No wonder I was always tired and grumpy. Am hoping my bod will want something healthy for dinner tonight, I'm just about salted out to be honest.

Off to drink some water, shower, then go buy my 21 days reward. Mmm booksies.

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