Thursday, October 26, 2006

Come on baby toot my horn!

I didn't binge this week!

Two weeks ago we received a debt collection letter regarding a hopsital visit we'd had back in October last year. A hospital visit where we'd given them our insurance information upon first receiving the bill for the visit. And each successive time we received another part of the bill. (You know how emergency rooms go. room visit, blood tests, Dr bill blah blah all come separately.) We woulda given them the insurance stuff right away when we were there. In fact I remember having the card out ready to write it... but there was no space for it on the admission form. Silly huh?

Anyway. Two weeks ago, on Columbus Day, I called the hospital to get it sorted out. They agreed that they were at fault and despite receiving the insurance info in a timely manner from us, they just plain forgot to bill the insurance company for this particular portion of the bill. And we're talking big bikkies here. Nearly $4,000. (over $4K after interest was added.) We had that money saved up, preferrably for a house, but if need be the money was there. (It made me ill to think of that money not being for our home, but possibly our hard-earned money for their bullshit!)

Having the money wasn't the point.. They made the mistake, and wanted US to pay for it? Bollocks to that!

They agreed that they'd just have to absorb the bill.

Gave them two weeks and checked the phone balance this weekend just gone. It still had a balance owing. The full balance.


I called first thing Monday morning. At first the guy tried to play it off like I'd never called previously, "I'm sorry, we have no record of that in our computer!" Funny? I had written down, day, time, and name of the call centre employee I'd spoken too, which ironically enough was the same guy I was then speaking to. I recognised both his name and voice. When I repeated back his own words to him, he hurried off to again check with someone else. "Sorry, you were right, and I was wrong."

Not trusting his assertion that it'd be fixed, (why should I he'd already lied once about it?) I called the debt collector myself to sort it out! (what's that old saying? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me?")

I called up today to see how it was going. The debt collector said the medical centre had cancelled the account. Her words struck we as rather strange though. "If you receive any notification, it'll be from the hospital."
IF. Doncha love it? Weeks of stress and they may not even bother to send me the written confirmation that I've asked for on several occasions.

If this ever happens again, I won't be quite as trusting. I'll call the debt collector the first time after sorting it out.

But, yeah, despite being nerve-wracked for several days now. And I mean shaking and nauseous, I've kept my shit together fairly well. No binging on food, books, computer or anything else. Just went about my day as per usual, stressed and worried natch, but no binging!

HUGE step for me.

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