Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Strewth! I'm not a piker this evening!

I've already discovered how motivating this streak is gonna be!

Here I'd been, after my hard day of running around doing a shitload of housework, thinking that surely I'd "exercised" enough for the day. You know how it goes? Rationalising with yourself how to get out of doing that structured exercise.

Well. I got up off me bum and did it straight away after posting about it.

I was ready to stop at 15 mins, but I just modified and kept going.
At 20 mins I thought maybe I should stop, and do 20 minutes of yoga... but the routine I know off by heart if only 15 mins, that would have left 5 more to go.
At 25 mins I thought, "Fuck it, there's only ten minutes left, and I can skip the 5 mins of situps in favour of 5 mins of yoga."

And I did!

Wow! I feel great.

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