Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I can't get no, satisfaction!

But I tried, and I tried! For three long years I've been on the lookout for this particular food. Three YEARS! Eventually I despaired of ever finding some, especially when no one, not even managers knew what I was talking about. Even the organic markets or shops had no idea!

Then, several weeks ago I managed to discover through the help of some friends the name of this delightful food. (It helped that I described the damn thing this time.)

Yesterday, we were shopping at a supermarket we haven't been to in quite awhile, since their quality had deteriorated long ago, but it was an emergency and we were in the neighbourhood, so we popped in. I grabbed the things we needed and my husband zoomed on over to that section on a whim. And there it was! Hubby came towards me triumphantly brandishing a bunch of swiss chard.

Oh, how I truly ADORE that man!

This evening in my kitchen, anyone watching could have been excused for thinking, by the way I was acting, that it was chocolate that I was preparing. Urging the water to boil faster, plopping it in and giving it a stir whilst I hummed happily, wafting the steam to myself as it cooked.

And then, it was on the plate!

I gave myself a blister on the top of my mouth, I was unable to wait for it to cool before taking my first bite.. which I had to spit out because... it was too hot!
Sitting there and watching the bright green, plumply tender leaves and not being able to eat them was torture. But, it did give me time to reminisce on many good childhood memories that the smell evoked.
That first mouthful that I was able to chew and swallow tonight was bliss, pure unadulterated bliss. :)

It's honestly been at least 5 years since I've had it. It most certainly won't be that long between bites ever again, I can assure you.

Should be interesting to see hubby's reaction to his first sample though. It's a much stronger, dirtier, more iron-ish taste than spinach. Hope he likes it, if not, oh well, more for me!

I am curious to see what it's like in other applications, stirfry, casserole*, soups etc. I've only had it steamed/boiled before, which I do love, but my chefly curiosity has got the better of me. Some of the next bunch we get I'll have to try something different with, just because I can. LOL

*Lucky I proofread the post, I'd written that as asserole!! ROFL

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kathry said...

I had never eaten chard until I came to Australia and at first I always thought of it as a poor cousin to English spinach. But then I tried and realised it's infinitely superior!

I love the look of it - those shiny, juicy, glossy leaves - as well as the taste of it.

I use it a lot - in pasta sauces, frittatas, with lentils, in soups and so on.