Friday, September 29, 2006

Competitive, Creepy Guy.

I was halfway through my walk and enjoying myself immensely. The sun was almost down, well it was below the horizon but there was still that glimmer of lighter blue and reddish-pink to be seen, and the air temperature was perfect for walking. Warmish with a very slight breeze that was a couple degrees cooler than the air.

I had turned the corner that marks the halfway point of the three miles and at this point the path broadens to being approximately 6 metres wide. No nature strip at all, it's concrete from the buildings right out to the kerb. Now, I could tell this man wasn't happy with me being right up on him all of a sudden. I was several paces behind and about one and a half to the side, and he kept glancing back nervously. So, I did what any polite person would do that didn't want to slow down, I used the remainder of the very long length of the extra wide path to speed up and go around.

And it was like all those times when you do it in the car.. and the person won't let you back in. He kept pace with me!

So I sped up some more.
So did he.
So did I.
And he kept looking at me.
I was thinking to myself, “Listen, just slow down and let me past, and I'll be outta your way!” Could he do that? Nope.
So there we neck and neck as the path narrows back down to normal width. He was about the same build as me, with a good three inches of height over me. Being totally creeped out by now, and not wanting to have to dawdle behind him at his pace, with him all the while looking nervously back over his shoulder, or worse yet brush against him because the path was only just wide enough for us both, I put the head down, shortened my stride and went as fast as this little engine could.

I got about two metres in front and slowed down to a slightly faster than normal pace thinking I could now comfortably pull away from him.

Nu-uh. He sped up, AGAIN!

I said to myself, “Self, buggah this for a joke!” and took off again. Long past the point where my calves and ankles were begging me to slow down and a stitch was threatening I kept it up. Eventually I couldn't even see his shadow behind me at any point in the pools of street-lamplight So I slowed down to a slightly faster than normal pace. Kept that up for another half a block and then slowed down to a comfortable walking speed. Was another five minutes before I got up the courage to look behind me.

Silly bastard was nowhere to be found.

Felt good that I could out pace him though. Unlike that groovy granny that left me to eat her dust the other year. LOL

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